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At TRIMATRIX, it’s not just about books – it’s about people. Every project is a unique opportunity for us to be part of an author’s excitement and accomplishment. Join the family!

Authors we have had the privilege to work with say it best, here is a word from just a few of our awesome clients...

TRIMATRIX Management Consulting Inc. (TRIMATRIX) continues to evolve dynamically in keeping with the ever-changing publishing industry. Without TRIMATRIX, I could not have self-published a professionally produced print book, along with an ebook suitable for a variety of online retailers and library distribution. I also appreciated the knowledgeable guidance on marketing avenues and the hands-on support to create an accompanying website with e-commerce and blogging facilities, set-up my Amazon book page, and National Library of Canada registration – with personal service and assistance every step of the way. I'm thrilled with my cover design, and my website is just what I was looking for. The work was done seamlessly and within just three months! I am so pleased I found this company.

~ Sheila E. Tucker, Author, 'Rag Dolls and Rage'

Concise hands-on flexible team that knows how to guide decisions and get things done....and they’re miracle workers when it comes to special requests. And if you know how nit picky I am about details ... that’s a huge vote of confidence!!! Appreciate all your great work team. 

~ Olga M. Dey-Bergmoser Thompson (along with Onita & alexa), 'foxy'

I've worked with other self-publisher companies but what has kept me loyal to TRIMATRIX Management Consulting Inc. is the quality of the finished product, their caring people, responsive service and  range of expertise in doing what they do.

~ John R. Christensen, Author, 'A Promising Wind', 'Drops of Jupiter' & 'Life-changing Illuminati'

The team at TRIMATRIX Management Consulting Inc. has been an awesome resource in publishing my book, High in the Sky! They have generously offered their expert advice in all areas of book production, advertising and sales and most importantly have given me endless encouragement and support. I would not have been able to accomplish this dream without this amazing team of experts!

I am so pleased with the book ("The Wish Carvers")!!! Thanks for all of your professionalism, devotion and hard work.

~ Kathleen Gauer, Author, 'High in the Sky!', 'for no reason' & 'the wish carvers'

TRIMATRIX Management Consulting Inc. has an unparalleled team of hard working and creative people who bend over backwards to make a quality product on schedule. I love so many of the books they have published and my experience publishing Life MessagesTM first book with them, has brought me back to publish my second book with Trimatrix!! I LOVE EVERY MINUTE OF MY TIME WITH TRIMATRIX! I couldn't have done it without their expertise and professionalism!

~ Laurie Goodman, Laurie Goodman Photography

TRIMATRIX Management Consulting Inc. came recommended to me and, after personal experience with their staff, I highly continue the recommendation. TRIMATRIX folks are professional but at the same time personal and guided me every step of the way through the process. I am extremely proud of the finished product.

I really owe Alexandra a big thank you, everything is so very much more professional looking and sounding. The more I read, the more amazed I became regarding what she noticed that I had not. The woman has a true eye, my book is so much better, clean and polished. And, her market relevance review absolutely captured what I was trying to say and some things that I hadn't even realized that I said. I am so grateful to TRIMATRIX Management Consulting Inc. and Alexandra (editor on TRIMATRIX team), I’ve learned a lot!

~ ERICA NEALE, AUTHOR, 'THE EMISSARY', 'The interloper', & 'the emissary's endgame'

The books look great! Thanks for all your help. Let the speaking engagements begin.

~ Bradley Hamilton, Engageonomics, Author of 'Engageonomics, Harnessing the Power of Engaged Employees'

Thank you!! I couldn't have published without you. I am grateful for your professional approach in all you do!

~ Janet Graham, Babes on Bay Street, Author of 'Babes on Bay Street - Stories of Wisdom, Courage and Inspiration'

Thanks for your book publication management support. I appreciate having the opportunity to work with you. You certainly have helped make my job easier and I very much enjoy working with you. I look forward to more good things in 2014 with you!

~ Julie Packard, Carpedia International Ltd. - Editor-in-chief Carpedia Book Collection

Trimatrix got me focussed and on track, and kept me on track to completing the book. That is the biggest issue writers or people wanting to write a book have - "some day I will" is rampant (procrastination). I got this book done in record time because we worked as a team!

~ Odette Laurie, Business Women On Top, 'Profit Domination - How Successful Women Get On Top and Stay On Top'

Thank you for all your help getting 'Networking Edge' published, much appreciate your support!"

~ Audie McCarthy, Author of 'Networking Edge - Buliding Relationships for Success'

We appreciated your expert guidance throughout the book publication process. The book is outstanding! Everyone is so proud of it. You did a fabulous job! Thank you so much for the encouragement as well as the TLC that went into working with us to see this project to publication. You are remarkable. We were thrilled with the quality of the books!

~ Opportunity International, 'Faces of Opportunity'

With so many thanks for helping so much!

~ Sandy Ross Smith, Author of 'For the Love of Ollie'

Thank you Trimatrix for approaching us with this great idea for a book. We appreciate your team's expertise in content integration, edit and design, and your partnership as our publisher.

~ Company of Women, 'The Courage to Succeed'

The book is awesome looking. Thanks for's like an early Christmas!

Looking forward to getting more books for our authors/members to continue their brisk sales.

~ Speakers Think Tank, 'Big Ideas for the Big Stage'

People are very enthusiastic about the book. We have sold many already!

~ Carol (East Plains United Church Support Group), 'East Plains Eats and Treats'

Thanks for all your professional support throughout the process. The book looks amazing!

~ Janet Trinder, Author of '3 Syllable Lillian (and Jullian Too!)'

I very much appreciated the organizational structure. Trimatrix was great at guiding me through all the steps in the book publication process - from looking at book samples and planning my book to design and production..."

The books are beautiful! Thank you so much for the 'marketing plan' - it is wonderful and informative! The Break-in book trailer is so cute.

~ Heather Carroll, Author of 'First Goal!', 'The Break-In' & 'A Hockey Star'

Heather about publishing her illustrated children's books ~ To see the whole interview, visit our YouTube Channel

The book looks gorgeous!! Colours are amazing. I'm so happy with everything Trimatrix has done for me and most of all - my book! I am very pleased. Thanks for helping me create my dream!

Christina Saliba, Travelling With Gabby, 'Gabby Goes To New York City'

Thank you for all your help and expertise getting my book created. I really appreciate all that you have done, and the book looks fantastic! It is a pleasure working with you. You are very professional and personable, and I consider myself lucky to have found you!

~Janet Williams, Children's Yoga Books, 'What I See, I Can Be'

Thank you so much for all your help."

~ Mary Figliuzzi, Author of 'Nonna's Garden'

Great experience! Thanks for your help.

~ John R. Christensen, Christensen Books, 'A Promising Wind' & ‘Drops of Jupiter’

I went with Trimatrix and kept coming back for four reasons - encouragement, direction, caring and pride. As a first-time author direction is so important and from the first time we met I could tell you cared as much as I did about the books we were creating...

~ Geraldine Whittaker Brombal, Author of 'Only One of Many', 'Not by Choice' & 'Our Way'

Geraldine talks about her experience writing and publishing a trilogy ~ To see the whole interview, visit our YoutTube Channel

Thanks for all your help!

~ Michelle Sim, Author of 'Adventures with Jesus... YIKES!! ', 'My Son, My Gift...Living with Autistic Spectrum Disorder' & 'The Woman'

I very much appreciate your efficient and caring service...

~ Carole Bertuzzi Luciani, Author of 'I Have a Story For You... Musings of The Moodivator', 'I Have a Story for You... Volume 2 - More Musings of The Moodivator' & 'i have a story for you... volume 3 - even more musings of the moodivator'

Carole talks about her experience as the author of a National Best Seller ~ To see the whole interview, visit our YouTube Channel

Thank you for your guidance and expertise!

~Trish Petersen, Author of 'Soul Story - Writing Your Ethical Will'

Thank you for all your hard work. We love it! 

~ Kathy Elmer & Karen Worlidge, Authors of 'Community Ventures'

One of the first books we worked on was based on a series of workshops - we helped the two facilitators turn their workshop content into a book and become published authors."

Audie McCarthy & Karen Roy, Authors of 'Leadership, it's not just for leaders'

Thank you for making my dream come true. You're the best! 

~ Laurie M. Martin, Author of 'Life Interrupted - Greater Success by Managing Life's Toughest Moments'

An experienced (self) published author, I can hands-down proclaim my experience with Trimatrix has been fantastic. I've  worked with other publishing entities and they proved disappointing in logistics, competence and service. As a result, I recognize excellence, professionalism and dedication when I see it. The people there have all three in spades. From the first time we met, I was impressed. I felt consistently guided and valued. You ensure your clients' satisfaction. I greeted my book with excitement. You went above and beyond. And I would not hesitate to recommend your services to other authors.

~ Carol-Ann Hamilton, Author of 'The Pissed-Off Journal' & 'coping with un-cope-able systems-advocacy for eldercare'

Thank you for all of your support.

~ Carla Harmer, Author of 'Chasing Light - Finding a Way Out of the Shadows'

Appreciate all your help to organize the recipes and health information. Looks great.

~ Rozanna Rousseau, RHN CBP C.Ir., Author of 'Healing Through Nutrition'

Thanks Trimatrix. You were amazing!

~ Laurie Southall, Author of 'Bone Appetreat'

I cannot express how much I appreciate your professional involvement in this book release. Not only did you work diligently and in a timely fashion, but you maintained a very professional and yet sympathetic demeanor throughout the project. I know meeting you changed everything for me and pushed me ahead to go with a dream. I hope we have much to do with each other in the years ahead.

~Janee Niebler, Homeopathy Life, Author of 'Homeopathy - A Manual for Mothers'

Just loved the end product. Thrilled with the layout and everything. Feels good! Bless your hard work. I have been over the moon since I received my book. I am getting congrats on all sides and people asking for a book.

~ Linda Ramsay, Author of 'Born to Be Loved'

I could not have done this without you! Thank you!

~ Christine Fenn, Author of 'Scraps & Wrinkles'

The books are wonderful. My family loved them!

~ Helen Woodward, Author of 'Magic Memories', 'Magic Moments'

Thank you for your patient assistance in helping us capture the memories of everyone who cared and shared the experience known as 'Joanne's Blog' in the book Live, Love, Laugh.

~ Ted D.

Thanks for producing a good-looking book!

~ Steven Jacklin

With thanks and gratitude.

~ Una (Compassion and Peace), 'Alone Together out of the shadows'

I wanted to take this opportunity to tell you just how much I appreciate the service provided by Trimatrix. You have made this whole process a meaningful experience. I am grateful to you for the extra time (personal time) that you so gave so generously to me. I have learned a great deal from this experience. Being new to publishing, you made a most daunting process manageable. You took all aspects of this that was not my greatest strength - the administration - and made it possible for me to focus on creative development. It gives me great pleasure to recommend your service to my friends and associates who require the kind dedication and commitment you exemplify.

~ Charm Darby


And there are many more wonderful projects that we have had the privilege to work on! Do you have an idea for a book? Give us a call, we'd love to hear what your story is going to be about and look forward to working with you to help grow your idea into a “professionally published” book! See below for comments regarding our Young Author Publishing Adventure Program.




Kids for Kids BooksTM
Young Author Publishing Adventure Program

It has been a real pleasure working with you and the rest of the team at Trimatrix/Kids for Kids Publishing. You have patiently answered my (many!) questions and are always so quick to respond to my emails. Everyone at KCS has been very pleased with the quality of your finished product. Thank you for supporting the young authors at KCS!

~ Judy ~ Kingsway College School

Staff, students and parents were thrilled with our project. Thank you for helping our community!

~ Parkdale Public School

This was an amazing experience for all of us!

~ St.Margueritte d'Youville School

We greatly appreciated your ongoing support!

~ Maple Grove Public School

The professionalism of the team and the quality products published by them is a reason we would promote this company

~  Hamilton Wentworth Catholic District School Board

Thanks for helping us with our books. Everyone loves them.

~ St. Margaret's Bay Elementary School

After talking about our book being officially published, my students came up to me to ask if they could get their work back as ‘I’m going to be published you know, so I’d like to do a bit more work.

~ Southern Ontario grade 4 teachers

Our students were engaged (in the writing process) and our whole school was excited to see their book officially published.

~ School Principal, Halton

Tying the writing into our study of pioneers showed students the relevance of their writing - to express their learning and views and create a resource for other students.

~ Science/Social Studies grade 3 teachers

Kids for Kids Books titles


Thank You!

To all the teachers, literacy leaders, librarians and schools that have participated - we are thrilled to have helped you, and collectively published thousands of students - as part of our Kids for Kids BooksTM Young Author Publishing Adventure Program - celebrating each and every student for their unique contribution and achievement!




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