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Trimatrix has an unparalleled team of hard working and creative peoples who bend over backwards to make a quality product on schedule. I love so many of the books they have published and my experience publishing Life MessagesTM first book with them, has brought me back to publish my second, third and fourth book with Trimatrix!! I LOVE EVERY MINUTE OF MY TIME WITH TRIMATRIX! I couldn't have done it with out their expertise and professionalism!

- Laurie Goodman, Laurie Goodman Photography

For information on Laurie's lastest books:

Faces of Opportunity

STORIES OF INSPIRATION: creating awareness and gathering support

For fund-raising or raising awareness of your organization's goals, achievements or celebrations, a professionally published book can be an amazing way to spread your message or provide a long-lasting keepsake.

Faces of Opportunity compiles the stories of twenty women and men who began their journey out of chronic poverty with a small loan. One enterprising Ugandan bought a sewing machine and began a tailoring business. A mother in Indonesia bought 1,000 coconuts and sold the distilled oil. Each story is as different as the personality and context of the individual -- yet they point to a common hope. 

We appreciated your expert guidance throughout the book publication process.

The book is outstanding! Everyone is so proud of it. You did a fabulous job!

Thank you so much for the encouragement as well as the TLC that went

into working with us to see this project to publication. You are remarkable.

We were thrilled with the quality of the books!


Opportunity International Canada provides opportunities for people in chronic poverty to improve their lives. 


The Courage to Succeed

BOOKS FOR Organizations focused on Business

Organizations that provide networking, support and guidance to people in business can highlight accomplishments, shared interests and other pursuits. Sharing stories of success, or challenges overcome can be inspiring and helpful to others.

The Courage to Succeed: Thirty-six women from widely diverse backgrounds take a personal and professional leap of faith into the centre of their own lives. Although the visions vary and motivations differ, each finds the courage to follow a dream, each weaves passion and purpose into her everyday life, and each plants the seeds to grow a successful business.

Here, business is about making life work. Here, success has 36 different faces. And here, you will find inspiration to pursue your passions and make your own dreams become reality.

STORIES FROM BUSINESS WOMEN in support of women starting, growing and maintaining their businesses.

Thank you Trimatrix for approaching us with this great idea for a book. We appreciate your team's expertise in content integration, edit and design, and your partnership as our publisher.



Chalk, Challenge and Change

BOOKS FOR Organizations focused on Education

Organizations that support all aspects of education can share their experiences, expertise and reflections. For example, the stories gathered from senior members of the Retired Women Teachers of Ontario capture the heritage and history of classrooms across the province from 1920 to 1979. Their storytellers were all over 90 years of age – some over 100, and their stories take us into the classrooms of the past. These as-told-by stories are about hiring and firing, struggles and celebrations, and the rewards of teaching under conditions that were often challenging. 

The ladies have shared their precious vintage photos that add another dimension to the book. In celebration of the 50th Anniversary of the RWTO, this book honours the teachers who have dedicated so many years of their lives to educating the young people of Ontario.

STORIES FROM WOMEN TEACHERS IN ONTARIO 1920–1979 capturing history.





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