Dynamic Book Design

We love to dream up unique ways to deliver your content to your audience. We go beyond the basics of attractive design to dynamic delivery in all the latest formats.

What’s old is new!

What's old is new!

Why not take content you’ve already written and repurpose it in printed books, eBooks, or flipbooks?

Do you have newsletter stories, case studies, blog posts, or other content that you could share in a more dynamic way?

  • Promote your organization’s message with flair
  • Offer thanks to supporters
  • Provide gifts for clients
  • Catch employees or clients on the go with content suitable for an e-reading device

When one is not enough...

When one is not enough...

Let us help you craft a consistent brand for your series of books – a look and feel that will work for upcoming publications in the collection.

Your work and message is unique and special to us. We’ll jump right in with you, from brainstorming to execution, ensuring a recognizable and cohesive series to suit your readers.

Trimatrix has an unparalleled team of hard working and creative peoples who bend over backwards to make a quality product on schedule. I love so many of the books they have published and my experience publishing Life MessagesTM first book with them, has brought me back to publish my second, third and fourth book with Trimatrix!! I LOVE EVERY MINUTE OF MY TIME WITH TRIMATRIX! I couldn't have done it with out their expertise and professionalism!

- Laurie Goodman, Laurie Goodman Photography

For information on Laurie's lastest books: Life-Messages.com

So many ways to showcase your book

So many ways to showcase your book

  • Hard cover
  • Soft cover
  • Gloss or soft laminate finish
  • eBook for e-reading devices and mobile phones
  • Flipbooks for online viewing

Picture perfect

Picture Perfect

With fabulous illustrators to bring your story to life, we can help you create the book you’ve been dreaming about.

Our many years of experience working with schools has given us a keen sense of what children (and parents) like.

We love to mentor children’s authors with tips and advice, readability assessments, and loads of encouragement.

Join us on a literacy adventure!

Join us on a literacy adventure!

Over the past 13 years and counting, our Kids for Kids BooksTM Young Author Publishing Adventure programs have allowed thousands of students to be published. And the excitement is renewed with every book!

The chance to be part of a publishing project encourages writing, reading, storytelling and sharing like no other experience. Such a feeling of accomplishment!!

Even for our youngest non-readers, illustrating a story encourages interest in literacy and supports comprehension.

We enjoy working with parents, schools and libraries to help bring a unique adventure in literacy to students of all ages and stages ... from imagination to publication!

Join us on a literacy adventure! Publish your talented students' writing and drawings!!

Start here to explore your project.

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It’s all about you!

It’s all about you!

Because every book publication project is unique, we provide each author with a personal (and in-person when possible!) experience.

We can’t wait to hear about your project, so please reach out to us today!

Imagine the moment when you get to hold your book in your hand for the first time. Don’t wait!







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