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Kids for Kids BooksTM  Young Author Publishing Adventure

Young authors and illustrators creating books...

Join us on a Young Author Publishing Adventure! Kids for Kids BooksTM projects provide an exciting author experience that gets Canadian students writing! The program is not only economical but is a great way to incorporate many areas of the curriculum into a language arts project. Teachers are always looking for unique literacy based resources and enjoy sharing this experience with students - often tying study themes into the project.

Schools have found that the Kids for Kids BooksTM Young Author Publishing Adventure program gets kids engaged in writing and reading. After all, they are writing for the purpose of becoming officially published authors.

Parents love the opportunity for their kids to become published in a “real” book (professionally completed, perfect bound). A great keepsake – families often order extra books for extended family, or some may have more than one child in a book and choose to order just one book for their family. We have made the program accessible and flexible to all who wish to participate!

Short stories, fairytales, plays, poems, reflections, fact-based writing, graphic novels – we can publish them all!

Are you ready to take an exciting journey from imagination to publication!

Which project is right for your class, school or group?


90-100+ students in one book (class groupings, grade, division or school collections, community groups)

The program includes:

  • Authoring templates, teacher’s guide, class posters.
  • The personal support of Kids for Kids Books™ Program Manager to help with custom planning and scheduling for your school.
  • Organizing individual electronic entries into book chapters; page layout and cover design; publication management, including ISBN registration.
  • Proof copy for review, along with poster and order form displaying your book cover; celebration ideas and announcement templates.
  • Program cost: $2* per student + Book order: $13* per book.
  • Minimum book order: The minimum book order is 50 books (about ½ the number of students involved in a 90-100 student collection project, with up to one book page per student). For books over 100 pages, the minimum order is based on 2/3 the number of book pages (e.g. 150 pages ~ minimum order 100 books; 210 pages~140 books, etc.).


Perfect for a small group of students (all students included in one book). Book is registered via Library and Archives Canada as an officially published book complete with ISBN. Project includes 'custom to your book' celebratory poster and book flyer; link to private online video of Publisher visit talking about becoming an officially published author and showing book production process; publication manager for you book project.

Primary - Picture Book – JK/SK

30 books for $30 each**

And important first step to writing is drawing (holding that marker!). The student’s artwork (first name shown with artwork – template provided) is scanned by the school, files uploaded to our dropbox and a beautiful full colour art book is created.

  • Full colour, laminated cover (with student artwork)
  • Perfect bound/paperback book
  • 6” x 6” (15.3 cm X 15.3 cm)
  • 32 colour page book (up to 28 images)
  • $30*/book (min order 30 books)

Primary – Early Writing – Grade 1-2

30 books for $30 each**

Students begin to experiment with writing using short, simple sentences – it is all about creativity and having fun! The student’s artwork (text entry and first name shown within artwork – template provided) is scanned by the school, files uploaded to our dropbox and a beautiful full colour art & text book is created.

  • Full colour, laminated cover (with student artwork)
  • Perfect bound/paperback book
  • 6” x 9” (15.3 cm X 22.9 cm)
  • 32 colour page book (up to 28 images, text included as scanned with image)
  • $30*/book (min order 30 books)

Early Writing – Grade 3-4

30 books for $25 each**

Focus on writing – it is all about a positive attitude and building on basic skills! The students’ entries (including title of entry and students’ first names) in one Word document, along with 1 colour image for book cover, is emailed to KfK Books by the school and a beautiful black ink text (content) book, with colour cover, is created.

  • Full colour, laminated cover (with student artwork)
  • Perfect bound/paperback book
  • 6” x 9” (15.3 cm X 22.9 cm)
  • Up to 36 page black ink book (30 entries, no more than 200 words each)
  • $25*/book (min order 30 books)

** Need help uploading your text or pictures? We have resources to help! To scan or upload – each entry (e.g. 1 picture or up to 150 words) costs only $1* each. (Other quotes are available on request).

* Applicable taxes and shipping will be added.

Growing your book...

  1. Plan your book project (type of writing, theme, entry length) – consult your Kids for Kids Books representative for help.
  2. Submit Publication Form, project details and receive your upload information.
  3. Create, illustrate, write and edit.
  4. Upload text content and pictures to Kids for Kids Books.
  5. Book development is underway at Kids for Kids Books (individual entries are integrated, cover and page layout are designed, and a final proof is prepared).
  6. Teachers review proof and school approves for publishing.
  7. Book production is underway... (Books arrive in 4-6 weeks).
  8. Plan your celebration event!

Energizing literacy…

  • Include everyone – being published is a great incentive for your students to do their best.
  • Involve community – clubs, camps, libraries: create your own book or celebrate your local school.
  • Identify uniqueness – custom sizes and finishes are available at special pricing.
  • Invite sponsorship – give local businesses the opportunity to support literacy and be recognized with a thank you in your book.
  • Innovate – create new ways to get students writing and reading … check out the Teachers and Parents category on our Blog ( for some fun and unique ideas!

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